Bob Gebert
Executive Producer

Prior to selling a feature comedy pitch to Lynda Obst Productions and Paramount Pictures, Bob Gebert was the writer/artistic director of a dinner theater in Houston for 6 years. He oversaw 600 performances of his plays. He spent years splitting his time writing industrial videos, acting in stage productions, performing magic gigs and writing. His screenplays have placed highly in numerous contests including the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, the Chesterfield Fellowship and Scriptapalooza.

Bob began his professional career at age 16 as a magician performing both stage illusion and close-up. After studying theater at Sam Houston State University, he continued his studies in New York with esteemed acting coach, Herbert Berghof. He has appeared in over 150 stage productions and played major roles in the independent features Killing the Badge and Laughing Boy. His long running play The Illusionist (no relation to the recent film) landed him in “Who’s Who in Magic.”

Christina Mauro

Christina Mauro graduated from the University of Houston School of Theater with a double major in Theater and Psychology. She enjoyed playing roles that were physically challenging, and while at the University, she was cast as a Siamese twin in the play "United States" that was being produced by Edward Albee as part of his playwriting workshop. She continued her stage acting in Houston until moving to Los Angeles.

Mauro moved to Los Angeles in October of 2000 and began her studies at Playhouse West under the guidance of Jeff Goldblum. While there she began producing films. Mauro's first project was the 35 mm short film The Boy Scout, written and directed by Ward Roberts. Mauro founded Fly High Films in 2003 and has since produced many shorts and independent features. She currently continues acting and producing in both stage and film.

Jessica Petelle-Slagle

Jessica Petelle-Slagle began her career as an Executive Assistant at Gracie Films. For her time at Gracie she was awarded an Emmy certificate for her contributions to the Outstanding Animated Program, The Simpsons. A graduate of Indiana University, Jessica received her degrees in Theatre and Telecommunications. After several years in Los Angeles, she returned to her home state of Indiana to produce independent films in her own backyard utilizing resources and contacts from her time out west. Ms. Petelle-Slagle produced her first feature length film, joshua, in South Bend, Indiana during the summer of 2003. The film is currently in post production and due for completion in 2005. Ms. Petelle-Slagle joined Fly High Films in 2004. Ms. Petelle-Slagle was recently featured in Screen Magazine's article "Under 30 Something." Currently she is focusing her efforts on establishing relationships and working on state legislation to promote independent filmmaking in the state of Indiana.

Cambria Stephens

Cambria Stephens was born in North Carolina and began her journey into acting after beginning her studies at Playhouse West Repertory Theater, over 6 years ago, where she studied under Jeff Goldblum, Robert Carnegie and Chris Liebe. In 2001 she acted in and produced her first short film The Boy Scout. Cambria has continued to pursue her acting career while also working on the feature film, 11 Minutes Ago, and several short film projects in the role of associate and co-producer.