When a time-tumbler, on a mission to capture a sample of today’s air, accidentally lands in the middle of a wedding reception, he discovers that he’s been there all night long. Trouble is, he can only stay for 11 minutes at a time.

His search for why he continues to return, despite personal hardships, becomes obvious when one of the lovely bridesmaids says “yes” to a question that he must have asked previously in the evening. This sends him bouncing around for 11-minute segments throughout the course of the two-hour reception. He is determined to find the question to which he already has the answer.

Underneath the main plot brews the exploration of the thematic premise that an individual’s relationship to time dramatically influences all aspects of life. Stories of the ensemble cast of wedding guests become clear in the jumbled non-linear timeline of the time-tumbler.

Conceived, written and directed by screenwriter and playwright Bob Gebert, 11 Minutes Ago was shot in one day.