Indie Express
"A beautiful indie that deserves a wide release."

"And let me tell you, this film is worth all the buzz it has been generating. This is a beautiful story about time travel, the power of love and the moments most people just pass over. This is a film that will hold up to the test of time itself. Beautifully crafted from begining to end, this semi-non-linear film was a joy to watch unfold ..."
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Film Threat
4 Stars

"I'll say straight away that
11 Minutes Ago is a tight and crafty little time-travel romance. Shot in its entirety in one day, and in one location, it is the story of a man named Pack, played by Ian Michaels, who travels from 48 years in the future to collect air samples. Seems the air in 2050 is even worse than the air in 2006, so he needs to collect some for replication. Pack quite accidentally winds up at ..."
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Indie Slate
Indie Slate
Feature Article

"It's been a while since a movie like Blair Witch Project or El Mariachi had the independent film community buzzing about exciting new possibilities. A recently wrapped feature from two Los Angeles area Tex-pats, writer/director Bob Gebert and producer/actor Christina Mauro, may be the next low budget movie to set the industry on its ear."
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